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At Endurance Sport Center, we see too many athletes who have fallen out of love with their sport because they keep getting hurt, it's too painful to participate, or they aren't making improvements with their performance. This makes them feel stressed out, burned out, and inadequate causing them to give up the sport they once loved.

When an athlete gets truly personalized performance insights, they rediscover why they fell in love with their sport in the first place. Even the smallest and simplest change can eliminate their pain, reenergize them, and immediately improve their performance.

We provide the best individualized, comprehensive coaching available because you deserve to enjoy your sport without injury, pain, and disappointment.


Kasey McClurg, PhD(S) Nutrition (she/her)

Founder and Head Coach

Kasey started working in health and fitness in 2006 where she was a personal trainer, physical therapy assistant, and sports bodywork therapist.  Helping people regain their strength and mobility after a setback consumed her. She is obsessed with serving others, having experience with public health and safety agencies, nonprofit healthcare organizations, parks and wildlife, volunteer firefighting, and emergency medical response. She dedicates over 10 hours a week to expand her knowledge and skills in areas to better serve our athletes.

Katie Blair, PhD(C) (she/her)

Head of Sports Psychology

Author of Lessons from the Water

Katie is an accomplished marathon swimmer who loves help athletes embrace the performative power of their thoughts. She is a Psychotherapist, mother of a teenager, and self-proclaimed tiny zookeeper. She is the author of, Lessons from the Water, an autobiography chronicling her inspirational global journey as a marathon swimmer. All this in addition to preparations for her next marathon swim attempt around St. Lucia in early 2021!

Matt Jones (he/him)

Sponsored Mountain Bike Racer

Owner Matt Jones Photo

Matt is a full time photographer in the cycling industry as well as an avid mountain bike racer. He started racing around 12 years old, and  is still going strong! Despite all the cancellations in 2020 and constant interruptions to his training plans, he still placed 5th overall at Big Mountain Enduro. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of adrenaline and flow that being on a good race run brings Matt. Training for these fleeting moments has always been a balancing act while working full time, but finding that balance is immensely easier when he can fuel up and recover from workouts and workdays with proper nutrition. 

Jimmy Alexander (he/him)

President of Public Outreach 

Regular Guy Disc Golf

Jimmy is a US Army Veteran and has served as an adventure guide and coach across the USA. He is one of the top Disc Golf athletes in the Pikes Peak Region and is the President of the Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club. He is a former EMT and is doing graduate coursework towards becoming a Physical Therapist.

Jimmy has a Bachelor's from Central Michigan in Outdoor Recreation. He has worked across the country as a whitewater raft guide, mountain bike instructor, and most notably, a rock climbing instructor and guide. 


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