Survive Your New Year Resolutions for You & a Friend with the 6-week Resolution Survival Challenge

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If you’ve been failing with your resolutions year after year, are unsure how your training habits will survive the holidays, or can’t seem to motivate yourself with the seemingly endless COVID restrictions and event cancellations then our final flash sale offer is or you!


Learn the bomb-proof way to stick with and achieve your fitness goals (for real this time), train with a holistic plan that you can stick with regardless of weather or gym closures or time, all while staying motivated and accountable to your buddy and training cohort with this special offer.


December is the best time to  start working towards your resolutions because you will be prepared to enter 2021 with a strong plan, have time to start forming better fitness habits before getting back to the post-holiday grind, and get to build a strong training base for the 2021 season for your most athletic year yet!


Enjoy the full benefits of our Club Pro training package for 25% off and bring a friend. So basically it’s 75% off! Usually, our special training packages at this level would cost $168 per person, but to help break the negative spirit of COVID and set you up for a year of sustained improvement, we are offering this training package to you for only $129!


You’ll get a 6-week training plan that will send you into 2021 with the tools to master the most important skill to athletic success, your mindset. All while building a great training base with a buddy! You’ll also have access to weekly training calls, two nutrition calls, and more!


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