Our Origin Story


The Endurance Sport Center started with Founder and Owner, Kasey McClurg, in 2006. Kasey worked as a trainer and sports bodywork therapist with recreational athletes and professional athletes alike. She quickly progressed in her skills working in specialized physical therapy settings. Kasey started her work with professional athletes with members of the Houston Rockets, Dallas Stars, and professional triathletes.


Life happens, as do bad marriages and unexpected health issues. In 2014, her body began shutting down. Medical tests showed a severe, systemic autoimmune disease that was beginning to shut down her organs. All stemming from the septic shock she experienced as a child when her appendix perforated. Doctors immediately began traditional medicine interventions, but the attack progressed rapidly and she was not responding to treatment.


Faced with this harsh truth, she wanted to enjoy the simple pleasures she lost touch with over the years while busy pursuing a “successful” life. She bought a $20 used mountain bike to ride down her dirt road, despite only having 52% remaining lung function. That first ride was only a quarter mile, but it felt like much more. Day after day, the rides got a little longer, the hills seemed a little less steep, and she felt a little more like herself.


After a few weeks, doctors noticed a slight improvement in her lab results. They encouraged her to keep up whatever she was doing, so she continued to bike every day. She read everything she could and utilized her existing knowledge of sports and nutrition to develop an autoimmune-friendly nutritional plan. Within six weeks, her lab results were drastically improving and approaching normal. Within three months, doctors took her off all medications and she was maintaining normal lab results.


She was also biking over twenty miles at a time and running up to three miles at a time. Being told she would never be able to run more than a mile again only fueled her. As of today, she has become a competitive cyclist and re-ignited her passion for sport. She is set to ride over 7,510 miles in 2020 to raise money for outdoor charities, has run half-marathons, and frequently rides 60-100 miles at a time. She has been able to regain and maintain her health without prescription medications through positive lifestyle, nutritional, and exercise habits.


“Considering my personal success with the practical application of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle management, I have a passion for helping others attain their health and fitness goals. I have a career worth of unique qualifications in the health and wellness industry and I have fresh approaches to helping people achieve and sustain an active lifestyle. Above all, I strive to teach balance, a sense of humor, and a life purpose to others. I am able to inspire others because I have a genuine connection to my passion for recreation and nutrition. I want to pass on the feeling of empowerment I get from being an endurance athlete to my clients and community.” –Kasey McClurg