Tangy Asian Drumsticks

So this is a meal that I like to make that looks super fancy, has surprising layers of taste despite its short ingredient list, and is ridiculously easy and low calorie. I usually like to make some brown rice or couscous as my carb side dish and will do a green veggie as my side...something like broccoli or green beans. This recipe can easily be increased for larger families or it is a great dinner party dish. Also, I'm not one for leftovers, but this one is fantastic the next day (or two). I'd suggest doubling the recipe for larger quantities and getting some sneaky meal prep in with it. It takes no extra effort to make! I do warn you, if you are counting calories, go easy with the sriracha. Small spice sauces and condiments are a sneaky way to increase your calories without a thought. If you want it spicier, try adding crushed red peppers instead of more sriracha. As always, I'm happy to answer your questions in the comments and, without further delay...here is your recipe! Share it like you mean it!

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